Real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey

It is considered one of the most important and successful types of investments and the safest and most traded one for investors, and it is about buying, selling and renting real estate in all its forms; Houses, shops, villas, apartments, etc.

Which achieves a constant and periodic return for the investor, which makes him able to distribute his sources of income and places of investment with a low risk ratio.

Real estate investment in Turkey

Recently, Turkey has been able to focus effectively on real estate investment and make it a center of importance for it to reap impressive results. Today, Turkey is classified as one of the leading countries in the field of real estate investment, and according to statistics, the annual profits from investing in real estate amounted to 12% of Its value in Turkey, in addition to the fact that the chances of losing in the Turkish real estate market are almost non-existent.


The most important achievements of Turkey in the real estate market:

Real estate investment has allowed an increase in the capital, as with the passage of time the value of the property will rise, which made the demand for it increase and continue in the Turkish market as it increases the possibility of ensuring income, so the Turkish government tended to encourage it by several means:

  • Linking real estate investment to Turkish citizenship:

Where the Turkish government issued a decision regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property worth 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira, whether it is an office, apartment, shop or villa…

  • Possession of a Turkish passport resulting from obtaining Turkish citizenship from buying a property.
  • Wide demand for investment in Turkish real estate locally and internationally:

Many investors obtained Turkish citizenship within months after the implementation of the decision, which proved the seriousness of dealing with the Turkish government and its interest in investing, which made other countries realize the importance of investing in Turkey and rushing to obtain Turkish citizenship, which made the Turkish market in rapid and remarkable growth, Turkey has become an important investment hub for other countries, and the demand for it after this decision has increased by foreign investors.

Turkish facilities for foreign investors:

As a result of the demand from foreign investors to the Turkish real estate market, the Turkish government provided a set of facilities, thus maintaining its leadership in the field of real estate investment:

  • Exempting foreigners from value-added tax when they want to buy a Turkish property
  • Cancellation of the reciprocity decision
  • The laws that apply to Turks are the same as those that apply to foreigners without discrimination
  • The possibility of foreigners bequeathing real estate to their children
  • For those wishing to purchase a property in installments, the government has reduced the first installments from 25% to 20% only for government-owned properties.

Therefore, Turkey gradually began to rise towards competition, and to lead after it, to be classified today as the largest competitor to European real estate.

Types of investment in Turkey:

  • Residential real estate:

It is one of the most important types of real estate investment as it constitutes a return as a result of buying, selling and leasing, and it also enables you to earn profits by buying a property under construction and selling it after completing its preparation.

  • Commercial real estate:

The most important of them are the shops, which are characterized by the fact that they achieve huge profits because they are considered as long-term investments, and are among the best investments in Turkey

  • Agricultural real estate:

Turkey has fertile lands, and large areas that distinguish it as a strategic location, which makes the purchase and sale of agricultural land another source of investment because agriculture is an important economic activity in general, and in particular within Turkey as a result of the diversity of crops and Turkey's enjoyment of agricultural factors that increase the possibility of progress in the field agricultural, which increases the demand for investment in land.

In order to succeed in entering the field of real estate investment, we must choose the right property to purchase and make profits through it. It is good to choose a strategic location for it, verify that there are no problems arising from the property, and make sure that the property is purchased from trusted authorities.

Today, Turkey is taking advantage of its position, which has several characteristics, the most important of which is its strategy, as it is a connecting point between the continents, in addition to its mild climate. However, it has a strong economy that allows it to be exported.

And the most important point that was in favor of Turkey is the large number of real estate opportunities. The investor today will find in front of him huge and wide areas and real estate of different values, which enables him to invest what suits him without hesitation or fear.

The future of real estate investment in Turkey:

As a general characteristic of real estate, it is one of the constantly volatile markets, especially if we are talking about a country that is experiencing a state of tremendous development. Turkish real estate today is expected to have a clear rise for reasons including:

  • High real estate costs such as construction and its tools.
  • The noticeable population increase, which today exceeds 84 million people.
  • The modernity that characterizes Turkey
  • And the continuation of the effectiveness of the government decision to grant Turkish nationalities related to the purchase of real estate.
  • Great interest from the Turkish government in the advanced infrastructure that competes with European countries.

With all these facilities provided by the Turkish government, there are still some specific steps and laws that you must follow and your commitment to the papers for buying the property, the most important of which is the real estate appraisal document.

All this led Turkey to lead the European countries in the field of real estate sales in 2021 as a result of the number of properties sold exceeding more than one million properties!!

Turkey today is one of the countries that directed a certain focus on a specific investment that allowed it to progress and prosper, as a result of careful organization and study to start investments that benefit the country and its residents.